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To keep a long story short, if all you want is to have sex tonight, there are 2 ways of doing it: focus on chubby or mature chicks.
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For a single guy like me, finding a woman, or women willing to satisfy my needs is a very hard task, especially women my age or younger than me. They're either focused on their own needs or simply don’t care about mine.

So, convincing a woman to go to bed with you, has become a real crusade, in which you have to chose your weapons carefully, if you want to get laid tonight or any other night. You have to play by their rules and accept their little games of give and take, in order to get close to them. Sometimes, I believe they fear to admit their needs, as if doing so will tag them as sluts.

At some point, I lost patience, and the result of all this was that I wasn’t getting laid, and this situation was starting to get on my nerves, and I was starting to feel really anxious. For a while then, I gave up on the dating app I was using back then and started getting my fix from phone sex or porn.

For me, all women are beautiful, I loved them all, I don’t care if they are blondes, brunettes or redheaded, thin or big, white, yellow, red or black, young or old. They are all WOMEN, the vehicles I need to ride to get to the paradise of bliss.

I was starting to feel desperate when I was lucky enough to meet on a bar, a big, older woman that showed me the pleasures that, experience and a libido that matched mine, could give me.

She was beautiful, with her black hair combed on a loose bun, glasses over her perky little nose, giving her an air of naughty school teacher that had me hooked up from moment one, a sexy deep voice, and a maturity that allured me immediately. I remember she was wearing a small black dress clung to her curvaceous body, enhancing her big, round breasts and her fantastic ass. She was quite a sight, and I was hot for her as soon as my eyes laid on her.

At first I wasn’t sure she would pay any attention to me, a kid, like she called me, barely out of my diapers. But that sounded like a challenge to me, one that I accepted happily: to show her I was no kid, that I was a man able to satisfy all her needs.

Convincing her to go to bed with me was a thrilling experience, nothing compared to trying to seduce a woman my age.

With her, I had to prove out front my skills, make myself worthy of her attention, without having to put up with false flattery, false modesty, or faked prudishness. She knew what I want, and she wanted it too, she just needed to be sure I would meet her standards, that I would satisfy her needs just as she would satisfy mine.

I finally convinced her to give me a chance and she took me to her place. As soon as the door closed behind our backs, she unleashed her desire and all her needs, coming on to me. She helped me out of my clothes and I helped her out of hers. Once naked, she guided me to her room and laid down in her bed, exposed to me. I was in heaven.

I laid down next to her, cuddling her face and kissing her passionately, before my hands trailed down to find her amazing breasts. I could easily lose myself in them, cupping them in my hands, adoring her big, hard nipples, kissing them, licking and sucking them, relishing in all the pleasure they could give me. Her moans and whimpers are one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard in my life, as well as the sweet tremors that ran through her body as she gave in to my doing.

I put myself between her legs, slowly making her spread them, allowing me to reach for her eager mound, before drawing a trail of kisses and nibbles until I reached her pussy lips and her incredibly sensitive knot. I played with her clit, using my fingers, my mouth and my tongue, and it took me very little time to have her coming hard, coating my hands and my mouth.

After that, I shoved myself inside her, pounding in and out of her, endless times until it became one unforgettable ride to the biggest, most powerful cumshot I had experienced in quite some time.

It was a fantastic night, one I won't ever forget, filled with pleasure, sweat and cum.

After that experience I decided to focus on older women or big beautiful ones. I knew I would find spirits akin to me, women that knew what they wanted and how to get it, with enough experience to understand my needs and as well as to expose theirs to me, and that was fantastic, priceless.

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